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The Founder of Manav Seva Sangh, Swami Sharnanand ji lost his eye sight when he was 10 years old while he was in 4th standard. His father was very religious person. Many religious saints used to visit his village at that time and he used to invite saints at his home which gave an opportunity to swami ji to be in touch with spiritual persons. He pondered over his loss of eye sight, which caused misery and thought that persons with eyes may not be facing misery. After enquiring various persons, he came to know the truth that persons having eye sights are also facing miseries on account of one or other reason. He thought one night that we all become blind while sleeping but we do not feel miserable. He pondered over the reason and found that we do not have desire to see at that time so the root cause of misery is desire. This thought enlightened him and he proceeded on the path of self enquiry and search for truth. Though he lost his physical eyes but his inner eyes opened. He was 19 years old at that time ad he took a vow to give up all dependence on objects and companions to observe strict discipline and relying solely on God. The great soul left his physical body on 25th Dec 1974 as he already disclosed to his disciples about his departure time.

Mysterious Events in the life of Swami ji

Once Swami ji was travelling on foot alone from Mathura to Agra due to rains, the earth was sunken at one place. Swami ji slipped in water in the river. Due to his blindness, he could not see the direction in which to swim so he surrendered everything to God and relaxed his body while drowning. To his astonishment he felt as if someone lifted him up above the water and put him on dry land. When he got up, he found a new stick in his hand, which is still in Ashram. We may call this as God grace. There are many mysterious incidents with him like this and these deepened him faith in God.


Head Office, Vrindavan, Vrindavan, Mathura-281121, Uttar Pradesh, India. Contact Person: Shri Gopal Sharan Ji, Phone No.: +91-9412278778 Office: Raj Kumar Kaushik +91-8755813521